Putting the body back in alignment is the goal of Your Chiropractor of Egg Harbor Township

dr_daveBy KEVIN POST Business Editor

Business: Your Chiropractor

Owner: David Sarnoff, 41, of Margate

Location: 6825 Tilton Road,
Suite 5, Egg Harbor Township

Founded: 2005

The brain controls the whole body by way of the spinal cord and out of the spinal nerves to the ending organs.

What protects that system is the skull and spinal vertebrae. If the skull and vertebrae are misaligned, it could interfere with brain signals, causing symptoms.

If the body is out of alignment and you put it in alignment, it works better.

Misalignments that cause nerve pressure, called subluxations, could show up as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, headaches, high blood pressure or sinus challenges.

If you pinch a child’s finger, that little boy or girl would be irritated and be less likely to sit still in class. Without being diagnosed by a chiropractor, they can get diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder and get put on drugs.

A lady with headaches for five years had multiple misalignments. They were removed and now the headaches have gone away and she has more energy.

The adjustment is not cookie-cutter. If an 85-year-old grandmother came in, I would use a much softer, gentler technique than for a 20-year-old college football player.

First, we check for balance and for shoulder alignment, and then check the 24 vertebrae for nerve pressure. If there’s none, we refer people out, for example, to a headache doctor.

Subluxations can be removed with an instrument, with a person lying down or seated, with a vibration technique. My preferred way of adjusting is manually. I feel that when you’re touching somebody, you get so much more information.

The biggest challenge is the insurance companies. They make it tough by cutting patients off from care. Let’s say a patient has 12 visits, and I know the patient needs another six visits, and the insurer will make the patient pay out of pocket for it.

On Monday, I open up in Heathercroft Shopping Center on Tilton Road, Egg Harbor Township. Before that, I was across the street in London Square Mall for about four years.

The new office has easier access, double the room and more rooms for patients.

Business Editor Kevin Post